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OneTrust is a data protection management platform and makes it easier for companies worldwide to consistently comply with comprehensive data protection regulations such as the GDPR or other global guidelines and security laws.

The software is based on an intelligent database that checks countless laws and creates individual dashboards, documentation reports and graphics for companies on the topics of data protection, security and third-party risk. In addition, with OneTrust it is possible to create a processing directory by recording all data flows that affect the company.

The data protection platform is made up of a total of six components, which can be combined with each other or used independently:

  • OneTrust Privacy is a privacy management software and supports compliance with global privacy and security laws
  • OneTrust PreferenceChoice as consent and preference management software
  • OneTrust Vendorpedia as third-party risk management software and database of designated third-party risks
  • OneTrust GRC enables IT risk management to be integrated into daily business activities
  • OneTrust DataGovernance provides information about data usage in the organisation
  • OneTrust Ethics ensures ethical data processing

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