Enhanced customer journey measurement and reporting with Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is an analytics tool used by enterprises across industries, helping digital marketing teams with the optimization of omni-channel campaign activities. Adobe Analytics helps to collect detailed information and valid key figures about the performance of ongoing marketing activities. It offers comprehensive evaluation options for the analysis and segmentation of relevant customer groups and their interactions.

Our analytics experts help you to unleash the full potential of Adobe Analytics for your business and support you with:

  • Enterprise-wide analytics integrations & roll-outs
  • Development of KPI frameworks and processes
  • Campaign management and performance measurement (tracking/tagging)
  • Design and measurement of cross-channel customer journeys
  • Implementation of dashboards and reporting (ad-hoc & automated)
  • Integrations with Adobe Experience Manager
  • Integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud
Adobe Analytics
Stephan Salat
Stephan Salat
Managing Partner

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