Customer-specific insights and comprehensive reporting with Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a web-based analysis tool from Google and is used worldwide for the continuous monitoring and statistical evaluation of websites or marketing campaigns. GA helps to collect and visually illustrate meaningful and customer-specific key figures regarding the user behaviour of website visitors (customer journey) and website performance. In this way, the user experience is comprehensively analysed and potential for optimisation becomes immediately apparent.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Target group-specific data collection and evaluation

Web tracking is considered the basis for collecting and recording all kinds of audience data. Google Analytics provides real-time insights by showing how many users are currently on the website. Demographic data such as the age or gender of the users is also recorded and contributes to more transparency in the evaluation.

The reporting provides information, for example, about the number of newly acquired users, the bounce rate or the average time spent on the website. Information is also collected on whether the majority of website visitors access the company website with a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Keep an eye on user activity with conversions

The measurement of conversions requires a predefined target in Google Analytics. Specifically, this is a certain action that the website user ideally carries out.

The target can be defined very differently, sometimes it is a registration for a newsletter, a completed contact form or a certain length of stay on the website. The conversation process in GA therefore supports the marketing team in mapping the target/actual comparison and identifying possible target conflicts in time.

Google Analytics

Our team of analytics experts will be pleased to support you with:

  • The selection of a suitable analytics tool for your company (Adobe Analytics)
  • Company-wide analytics integrations & roll-outs
  • Development of KPI frameworks and processes
  • Campaign management and success measurement (tracking/tagging)
  • Design and measurement of cross-channel customer journeys
  • Interpretation of customer KPIs
  • Implementation of reporting
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