Adobe Experience Manager, a content management powerhouse

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) – prior to the acquisition by Adobe known as CQ5 – is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites and mobile apps.

AEM provides a highly customizable enterprise content management and easy digital asset management capabilities. With Adobe Experience Manager marketing teams easily create personalized user experiences with an out-of-the-box integration to the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Analytics.

Aside of the strong marketing capabilities, AEM provides a flexible Creative Exchange interface, which allows an external vendor to easily build isolated website packages and deploy them secure on the enterprise platform. Optimizing the entire content delivery pipeline, Adobe Experience Manager comes with a built-in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

Our technology and content management experts can help you with digital asset management and any other web or mobile publishing challenge. 8awake supports you with the:

  • Evaluation and implementation of innovative content management platforms and systems for effective content management
  • Implementation of high-quality and mobile-optimized responsive digital assets (websites, mobile apps, etc.)
  • Optimization of content delivery and publishing processes for the implementation of modular content concepts and content APIs
Adobe Experience Manager
Sofia Fonseca
Sofia Fonseca
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