Adobe Campaign, a robust omni-channel campaign management platform

The Adobe Campaign platform simplifies campaign management processes and enables data-driven campaigns across online and offline channels. With Adobe Campaign it is easy to create personalized and data-driven customer experiences by setting up seamlessly integrating marketing automation pipelines. Once setup properly, the platform reduces the time-to-market of any campaign delivery significantly.

Adobe Campaign comes with a comprehensive workflow engine, which enables digital marketing teams to send the matching product or brand message in exactly the right moment. The omni-channel platform comes with advanced integration capabilities to other data-sources and marketing platforms to make siloed customer data into actionable campaign insights.

Our campaign management and tech experts have a comprehensive knowledge in the setup and execution of data-driven omni-channel strategies. We are happy to support you with the following solutions:

  • Setup and implementation of omni-channel marketing platforms
  • Development of data-driven and automated campaign experiences
  • Overcome data-integration challenges with internal tech departments to enable your campaign and business needs
  • Development of reporting capabilities and hands-on execution of campaign optimization activities
Adobe Campaign
Sofia Fonseca
Sofia Fonseca
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