Plan and deliver projects successfully with Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a comprehensive project management solution for the management and streamlining of the entire project management lifecycle, no matter what type or size the project is. Workfront provides an extremely flexible and adaptable interface for mapping individual project phases, templates for recurring tasks, and a fully integrated communication workflow for optimal cross-functional collaboration.

Adobe Workfront can be used as a conventional PMO tool, providing complete control over critical business or marketing processes, including an easy collaboration with service providers involved in the operational delivery process. In doing so, the platform offers granular access management settings to protect sensitive project details while ensuring an efficient collaboration process with third parties.

We look back on many years of experience in the management, optimization and implementation of projects. We are happy to share this experience by:

  • The implementation of suitable project management solutions for your company and use cases, matching your business requirements
  • Actively supporting your project management and PMO tasks, including the development of needed capabilities
  • Optimization of the existing operating model and processes, including the implementation of the necessary platforms
Adobe Workfront
Adobe Workfront

Automate complex business processes with Adobe Workfront Fusion

We have an extensive knowledge of automating and optimizing critical business processes with the help of Adobe Workfront Fusion. Our Adobe consultants support you in the planning, creation and operation of sophisticated Fusion scenarios and templates for the automation of processes of all kind. In addition to the implementation of out-of-the-box connections, we offer our enterprise clients the development of individual interface solutions with Adobe Workfront Fusion (e.g. by connecting their own SOAP interfaces or integrating their own databases).

We are a certified Adobe Solution Partner

As a certified Adobe Solution Partner, 8awake is part of a renowned network of market-leading Adobe specialists. We have direct access to new Adobe releases and necessary sandbox and test-environments in order to implement client requirements in a reliable and stable manner. Our highly-qualified Adobe team members regularly pilot new functionalities, execute required trainings and recommended learning modules. This helps us to constantly drive new innovations and offer our customers the best possible Adobe support.

Adobe Workfront
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