Development of an effective operational model to drive customer engagement.

One challenge that all pharmaceutical companies share is operating a fast, reliable and effective go-to-market model. Because of our deep knowledge in pharmaceutical industry, our client asked us to provide advice on how they are able to reshape their organizational structure and operating model to make a difference.

There are many industry-specifics to consider and obstacles to overcome during the execution of a product launch of global scale in healthcare. Time-consuming content localization and approval processes, inflexible or not properly working shared service offers, or simply full-blown governance processes adding significant delays and risks of keeping timelines. It is essential to have a reliable organizational structure setup and a functional operating model, clearing out any questions about capabilities and responsibilities before they arise.

We supported our client with the organizational development process and a future-proof operating model to enable impactful and effective customer engagement strategies and tactics. Aside of the reorganization of the entire content localization and asset management processes, we tailored an innovative and executable technology roadmap to let all teams effectively participate in that organizational change process.

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