The leading Digital ID for the Verification of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

DocID is revolutionising the verification of healthcare professionals (HCPs) through an innovative platform approach. Unlike other identity solutions, DocID offers owners of pharmaceutical websites or medical platforms a great toolkit to provide their audience with a seamless and compliant verification process that makes browsing medical content easier than ever before.

Verification of HCPs with DocID

Innovative approach through instant video verification of HCPs

The DocID platform relies on a modern verification process that enables immediate and simple access to medical content on mobile and in the web. In order to achieve this DocID developed as a first identity-provider an instant video verification process for HCPs, which gives doctors immediate access to content that is intended only for healthcare professionals by local law or regulations. This eliminates inconvenient waiting times and stressful verification processes as they are used by other providers. In addition, healthcare professionals do not have to log in with their credentials repeatedly, but can access all content without restrictions after installing the DocID mobile app on their smartphones.

Next-level Pharmaceutical Marketing with valuable Customer Insights and measurable Campaign Performance

With DocID, marketing managers receive the leading Toolkit for the Management & Measurement of their Pharmaceutical Marketing Campaigns, which for the first time enables evidence-based and effective investments into HCP-focussed digital campaigns. In addition to meaningful reportings and insightful analyses, DocID provides many tools that ensure and optimize a legally fully compliant and effective implementation of marketing tactics. Starting with the simple creation of customized campaign links, the implementation of deep links or the efficient collection of marketing opt-ins.

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