The CRM-Software for sustainable Customer Retention in Life-Science

The Veeva CRM suite is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform and provides numerous sales and marketing functions. Veeva became a market leader in the life science industry, combining classic CRM features with novel extensions, specifically targeted to pharmaceutical and health companies.

Enhanced marketing automation capabilities like Veeva Suggestions or Next Best Action (NBA) and a deeply integrated content approval process enables every salesforce to effectively stay-in-touch with relevant HCPs in the field. During the COVID-19 related access barriers, Veeva played an essential role by providing remote e-Detailing functionalities and a fully integrated approved email process. This enabled sales reps to keep the knowledge transfer up wit high value targets without being allowed seeing them face-to-face.

8awake has a strong consulting history in pharmaceuticals and an in-depth knowledge about Veeva and it’s capabilities. Our CRM experts can support you with:

  • The evaluation and implementation of a CRM platform, matching your business needs and requirements
  • Improvement of the current CRM processes and capabilities used
  • Hands-on support with the roll-out of new features to extend capabilities and drive adoption across the salesforce
  • Support in the management of the consent management lifecycle
  • Improvements in the operational data management processes and reliable master data management of target

In the following, we would like to introduce you to some of the key areas in which we successfully support our customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Veeva CRM
Veeva CRM

Approved E-Mail - More freedom & flexibility while complying with all regulations

In almost every industry, communicating with customers by email has been part of daily business for a long time. For sales representatives in the life science industry, this was considered a difficult to almost impossible undertaking until recently.

Veeva CRM has succeeded in revolutionising digital communication with customers via e-mail.

Veeva CRM Approved E-Mail not only supports sales staff in creating relevant content for the digital exchange with customers. At the same time, an integrated control function ensures that only up-to-date, approved and non-branded content reaches the recipient.

A high degree of transparency is guaranteed at every point of interaction, the complete history of the entire communication process can be viewed without restriction in Veeva CRM.

We would like to familiarise them with the mentioned functions and contents of the CRM software as quickly as possible and pass on our know-how to their team. We offer support and accelerate the implementation process of Veeva CRM in your company.

Remote e-detailing - achieving maximum impact without a visit

Veeva CRM e-detailing makes an important contribution to product presentation and is therefore essential for the field sales force. The strengths of the traditional field sales talk are cleverly supported with the advantages of digital technologies.

Core elements of e-detailing are often presentations of preparations to be marketed. They make a supporting and not to be underestimated contribution to the sale of the products.

The advantages at a glance:

  • more interactivity & dynamics
  • multimedia (graphics, pictures, videos, audio recordings, etc. can be integrated)
  • optimisation of individual customer care
  • can be used online & offline
  • increase efficiency
  • cost savings (e.g. travel expenses)
  • It doesn’t matter whether it’s a face-to-face meeting on site or at a distance.

Even via video call, the sales representative can easily share his screen and use the e-detailing as an interactive conversation guide, similar to the on-site conversation, and react in real time to individual concerns, according to needs, and set priorities. Consequently, personalised content is generated for the customer.

We are there for you if you want to carefully plan and structure the introduction of your remote e-detailing activities. Our team will advise you in detail on how to optimally present your product and company within the shortest possible time and how to work out essential unique selling points.

Veeva CRM
Veeva CRM

Interactive Visual Aids (IVAs) - presenting valuable content even better

Veeva CRM Interactive Visual Aids are visual aids and offer them many possibilities to positively support their product presentation. IVAs are an important part of any e-detailing and include a wide range of presentation elements.

From the vision to the concrete implementation. We will guide you through the production, tagging and tracking of your Interactive Visual Aids. Our primary goal is to present comprehensive product potential in the most appealing and comprehensible way possible and to provide a recognisable added value for your customers. This intention goes far beyond the design of appealing diagrams and graphics.

8awake is your contact when it comes to designing and continuously developing an IVA tailored to your product. In this way, we help them to identify common sources of error before they arise and to consistently avoid them.

We support them in designing and defining the content structure of their slides. The development of a time-saving and effective navigation concept is also elementary for increasing sales and part of our service.

The continuous collection of valid performance metrics is an essential part of careful monitoring and makes possible optimisation potential immediately visible. For this purpose, our team uses the tracking data provided by Veeva CRM and interprets them for you with regard to success-increasing parameters.

Data-Driven Marketing: 360° Customer Profiles with Veeva Link

Veeva CRM Link helps you to create a meaningful profile of your most important customer groups, which you can then use for even more effective marketing measures.

Identify new key customers or intensify the contact with existing customers and experts of your network by using the real-time customer information for an individual customer approach and give it to your sales representatives or efficiently centrally controlled marketing initiatives.

The following data of your target group is publicly viewable and is processed in a data protection compliant manner according to DSGVO and GDPR:

  • relevant topics of interest to key individuals
  • current or past projects
  • studies they are involved in
  • their network
  • brand behaviour
  • social media activities (e.g. writing tweets)
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to sustainably maintain existing contacts and, in parallel, to identify new decision-makers and opinion leaders in your industry in good time.

We are happy to support you in the implementation of Veeva Link and help you to collect the relevant data sets and use them effectively in your brand communication.

Veeva CRM
Veeva CRM

Boundless & secure communication with Veeva engage Meeting

Veeva CRM Engage is an integrated video conferencing solution that enables sales representatives to hold virtual meetings with HCPs directly from the CRM software.

Digital video conferencing is more important than ever and is already here to stay. In the future, there will be a clear trend towards even more digital and secure solutions. We would like to help you adapt to these requirements in time.

Veeva CRM’s integrated video conferencing capability covers each of the above aspects. As a result, there is no need to use third-party services, which guarantees a particularly high level of security, as only pre-screened CLM content is provided for your conference.

We would like to introduce them to the benefits of Veeva CRM Engage:

  • only approved and legally compliant content will be presented
  • Remote drug retrieval in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and PDMA requirements
  • Automatic recording and content tracking simplify customer analysis
  • Improved productivity, through location-independent conferencing capabilities
  • monitoring and selection for relevance of presented content
  • immediate order entry through remote ordering capability
  • Insight into upsell messages and quick access to Veeva CRM MyInsights reports to increase order value
  • Link to Veeva CRM Approved Email to make sending invitations easy

We want to help you become familiar with the many features of Veeva CRM Engage and how you can use them to your advantage.

Veeva Vault - all data from one source

Veeva CRM Vault, like Veeva CRM, was developed specifically for the life sciences industry and is a cloud-based content management platform and application suite.

The content platform is the only one that manages and makes accessible both content and data in one. Because all Vault applications are based on the same platform, this contributes to easier handling and substantial efficiency gains.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Vault Clinical Data Management Suite (Vault CDMS) is a milestone in data management, helping them to manage studies flexibly and quickly.
  • Vault Clinical Operations is the industry’s first and only suite that unifies clinical operations applications – including Study Startup, eTMF, CTMS, Payments and Site Connect.
  • Vault Quality provides innovative quality management in compliance with all regulations.
  • Vault RIM manage the planning, execution and monitoring of all regulatory activities within a single and unified RIM platform.
  • Vault Safety provides real-time monitoring, enabling continuous risk assessment and mitigation.

We would be happy to advise you if you have any questions about the individual functions or would like to know how your company can benefit from the integration of the Veeva Vault platform.

Veeva CRM

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