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WordPress is a open source software as well as a content management system (CMS) and is mainly used for the creation of websites, blogs or apps. The CMS is equally suitable for businesses and private use, as no programming skills are necessary for creating and editing content.

The CMS system also supports the integration of multimedia content such as images, videos or posts. The user interface can be customised through coding and plug-ins, allowing WordPress to be expanded with any functions.


Low administration effort with WordPress managed hosting

Web hosting is part of the technical basis for publishing content on the internet, this applies equally to blogs and corporate websites. With WordPress managed hosting, an external provider takes care of the installation and ongoing support of the software by providing a server configured specifically for WordPress with sufficient storage space.

Ongoing maintenance tasks are also taken over by the host, including optimising the website loading time, comprehensive protection against hacker attacks or regularly performing updates and backups. These measures demonstrably improve the stability of the website. The host usually also provides an expert customer service that can be contacted in case of problems.

Digital Asset Management System - a central source for all brand assets

A digital asset management system (DAM system) is a platform that stores, manages and catalogues digital data such as images, videos, graphics or audio files. The central platform enables a structured and clear storage of digital media and supports the user in researching and editing media assets.

WordPress has an integrated DAM system in the media library for uploading and storing files or documents, but to exploit the full potential, an expanding plugin is necessary.

Frequently used plugins are Canto, Filr, File Manager, Brandfolder or Enhanced Media Library.


Create search engine optimised content with the SEO plugins: Yoast SEO & Rank Math

The CMS WordPress offers a functional as well as consistent basis for search engine optimisation of digital content. However, WordPress users usually install at least one additional SEO plugin to achieve a better ranking on Google and to continuously increase website traffic.

But instead of downloading as many plugins as possible, the installation should be done much more with relevant extensions in mind. Moreover, by downloading paid premium packages, further functions can be unlocked, which saves the installation of additional plugins. This applies in particular to Yoast SEO and Rank Math, they are currently among the best-known and most popular SEO plugins for WordPress.

Yoast SEO is available as a free or paid premium version. The free version includes functions such as a readability analysis, which uses algorithms to check whether the written text has been formulated in a comprehensible way. In addition, automated SEO improvements such as canonical URLs and meta tags contribute to the fact that Google considers the representativeness of the content to be particularly high.

The view of Google search results can also be optimised by the author specifying a freely selectable title as well as a meta description. The entries can then be checked in the Google preview and, in the best case, contribute to a good Google ranking.

A comprehensive performance package with Rank Math & Rank Math Pro

Rank Math has become Yoast SEO’s strongest competitor, because the newer plugin is not only freely available, has a diverse range of functions, but is also the first SEO plugin to support the content creator in writing content using AI. The LSI keyword tool, for example, uses artificial intelligence to promote the variation of predefined keywords.

The social sharing feature supports the distribution of digital content on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Through the link, the digital content can still be edited in WordPress itself and shared in social media channels.

Rank Math also has a paid version. With the Rank Math Pro version, the user receives even more usage rights for various modules: 404 Monitor, Analytics, bbPress, Image SEO, Local SEO & Knowledge Graph, News Sitemap, Redirections, Schema (Structured Data), Video Sitemap and WooCommerce.

The analytics module can be connected to the Google Analytics account and then acts as a central place to view all rankings as well as search engine optimisation statistics at any time. The SEO performance is subdivided into different categories, making possible optimisation potential immediately visible.


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  • Integration and training of your employees
  • Improvement of CRM processes and their functionalities
  • Creation of relevant digital content for your website
  • Analysis and evaluation of SEO specific key figures
  • Selection and advice on freely available or paid plug-ins
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