Focus on the user experience with Ryte

Ryte offers a comprehensive toolbox for analysing, optimising and monitoring corporate websites in terms of SEO performance and user experience.

Website maintenance with the help of the software is essentially divided into four phases:

  • Analysis: Indexing by means of website crawlers, also possible in combination with Google Analytics and search engine bot real-time analysis.
  • Diagnosis: collected Google data are processed with clear dashboards and show all results categorised as well as prioritised.
  • Optimisation: user-friendly Ryte tools and personal recommendations.
  • Website monitoring: daily push messages regarding the quality status of the website.

Data-based content marketing with Ryte Technical SEO

With Ryte Technical SEO, structural, technical as well as content-related problems on the website become immediately visible; by means of crawls, website CPIS or regular search performance reports, website traffic can be increased and a better ranking in Google can be achieved.

The user receives regular notifications regarding the latest website developments via email or Slack message.

Continuous monitoring of elementary keywords is also possible in order to track how clicks, impressions or rankings develop over time. Predefined keyword ranking targets help to generate meaningful comparison values. In addition, Ryte supports the user with the help of keyword recommendations in the selection of relevant keywords.

Privacy protection with DSGVO checks

Ryte’s compliance features help to comply with regulations such as the GDPR and to continuously monitor the privacy of website visitors.

  • identify images that do not have an alt tag
  • analyse tracking scripts that activate without the web visitor’s permission

We are happy to support you with the:

  • Integration of the Ryte software suite in your company
  • Education and training of your employees
  • Optimisation of digital content under SEO aspects
  • Analysis and evaluation of your website (Customer Journey)
  • Optimisation of your customer acquisition processes
  • Compliance with legal principles (DSGVO)
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