Tealium for a 360° view of customer data and interactions

Tealium is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and supports with the creation, monitoring and activation of collected customer interactions and audiences. For that Tealium easily enables the integration of many marketing tools and platforms, such as tag management solutions or customer engagement platforms like Adobe Campaign, connected with just a few clicks. In addition to that, Tealium also offers a proprietary and fully integrated tag management solution called Tealium iQ.

Tealium makes it easy to monitor the event stream of new customer interactions across multiple channels and enrich it with additional data-sets (e.g. by the identification of website users and the fully automated building of target groups based on their behavior). These target groups are then available for numerous marketing platforms and applications, enabling the delivery of effective and precise marketing-tactics.

Our marketing experts will be happy to support you in:

  • the selection and integration of a suitable customer data platform
  • the efficient setup and activation of high-converting target groups
  • training and/or educating your employees on the use of CDP solutions
  • Connecting third-party solutions and tools to enrich customer data
  • Analysis and reporting of your customer journey and its target achievement
  • Compliance with data protection requirements (GDPR) and effective data governance
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