Where knowledge exchange in Healthcare takes place online

In recent years, the need of doctors to utilize social networks for communication and idea exchange has significantly increased, especially following the pandemic.

While mainstream social networks facilitate casual interactions with ease, they fall short in providing the privacy and confidentiality necessary for medical professionals to share professional knowledge easily. This has created a demand for specialized platforms focused solely on the healthcare industry, enabling secure and relevant virtual exchange between healthcare professionals. Online healthcare communities have proliferated, transforming the way doctors communicate among themselves and with patients. These exclusive platforms for healthcare professionals facilitate connection, crowd-sourcing, and CME-training opportunities, becoming essential tools for professional information and gaining valuable insights.

Advancing Medical Knowledge through Professional Exchange

Healthcare-focused online communities have revolutionized the national and international exchange of medical knowledge. These platforms are not merely information channels but relevant resources that connect doctors globally within the same discipline. This is particularly vital in countries with limited access to educational resources, providing doctors with the necessary content, information, and insights to enhance their expertise.

Members of these communities can access a diverse network of medical experts across all specialties, engage in discussions and talks with colleagues, attend webinars and conferences, and explore medical insights on various indications.

Popular Healthcare-Communities in Germany


Coliquio is the a fast-growing closed HCP-community network for medical physicians specializing in knowledge exchange in Germany. Accessible only for licensed doctors, it offers a broad range of information, patient cases, therapy options, and professional information from experts and the pharmaceutical industry.


The online HCP community Esanum is as well a large social network for doctors in Germany (and Europe). With Esanum, hundreds of doctors worldwide have access to a digital healthcare platform, with medical news, information, and reports on national and international conferences, and congresses. In addition, Esanum maintains partnerships with medical societies, patient associations, and the pharmaceutical industry.


Hippokranet focuses on health policy and medicine, offering tools for doctors to stay updated on training, medical news, relevant indications, and guideline changes. It also facilitates networking with colleagues and idea exchange at conferences.


DocCheck is an online community for healthcare professionals providing access to medical news and relevant HCP insights. DocCheck as well offers an identity solution to verify people as healthcare professionals on other websites.

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