HubSpot offers a comprehensive CRM platform for all marketing & sales activities

HubSpot offers an all-in-one sales process management platform that is designed to provide numerous options for the successful implementation of any inbound marketing strategy.

The integrated CRM system (Customer Relationship Management system) helps to manage customer contacts and their company affiliation efficiently and clearly. HubSpot also supports the tracking of the customer journey and individual customer segments can be mapped more easily.

Closer to the customer through advanced communication capabilities

The software provider HubSpot supports the customer acquisition process with the help of an comprehensive range of tools that are designed to enable individual support according to the customer journey.

This is achieved, for example, by creating personalised email or newsletter templates. The notification function immediately informs the e-mail distributor as soon as his e-mail or newsletter has been opened. The integrated call option subsequently enables immediate contact with the recipient and initiates the customer acquisition process into the next phase. During a telephone call, personal notes can be stored in parallel in the contact chronicle.

In the next step, the meeting tool helps to identify and set a suitable time slot for a shared appointment in the most time-saving way possible. HubSpot automatically synchronises with the Google or Office 365 calendar, allowing customers to view available time slots and ensuring that nothing stands in the way of a quick appointment.

Simple & quick deal processing

From lead to paying customer. By using the deal pipeline and the deal phase overview, a consistent customer support of the different departments such as marketing, sales and customer service is made possible at any time throughout the entire customer journey.

HubSpot supports the user in ensuring simple and customer-friendly deal processing already during the business initiation phase. The range of functions provided by HubSpot depends on the service package. For example, with the Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise extensions, it is possible to send an offer that can be signed immediately using ESign, thus speeding up the transaction process for both parties.

Our CRM experts will be happy to help you with the cost-benefit selection regarding the various service packages for your company. You can choose between HubSpot Starter, Professional or Enterprise.

We are a certified solution partner of HubSpot

As a certified solution partner of HubSpot, we can offer you and your team the best possible support. Our CRM specialists are pleased to support you in:

  • Evaluation and implementation of the right CRM platform
  • Designing and implementing new inbound channels and acquisition opportunities
  • Improving CRM processes and their functionalities
  • Training and familiarisation of your employees
  • Optimising your customer acquisition processes
  • Analysis and correct interpretation of sales key figures and customer journeys
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