The new AI-Toolkit from Adobe brings image manipulation and generation to the next level

The newest innovation from Adobe is Adobe Firefly, a creative generative AI model for Adobe Products focused on the generation and manipulation of images and text effects. Firefly will accelerate the process of image manipulation, image generation and prospectively it will be fully integrated into the Adobe product family.

The new AI image platform enables everybody to create and edit content simply by describing what they want and in which style they want it. Firefly will allow you to produce high-quality images and vectors but also edit colors, elements or backgrounds easily. Producing infinity variations and changes will be quick and simple.

Firefly is designed to give real support to creators and help them enhance the creative process.

The Future of Adobe Firefly

Firefly was developed to continue learning on the tasks it receives from its users to further optimize the AI process. In a first roll-out phase, Adobe Firefly will be integrated into Adobe Express, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Looking forward, it has the plan to increase and integrate soon prototyping tools, like Adobe XD, or 3D software, to turn simple compositions into realistic images and projects.

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