Many thanks to all participants and supporters to help to set a sign against the war and for a peaceful coexistence of all people.

The following is an overview of the media coverage of our joint effort:

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Join our human chain from the Ukrainian Consulate to the Russian Consulate in Munich (show route on Google Maps) as a sign against the war in Ukraine and for a peaceful coexistence of all people. The event is approved by the City of Munich.

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  • Ukrainian consulate: 218 Persons
  • Sendlinger Tor: 244 Persons
  • Rindermarkt: 181 Persons
  • Tal: 165 Persons
  • Max-Joseph-Platz, Residenztheater: 184 Persons
  • Luitpoldbrücke: 177 Persons
  • Russian consulate: 203 Persons

For organizational reasons, we ask you to indicate the meeting point, where you will appear on Saturday at 11:30am. To make our human chain successful, we ask you to distribute yourselves as evenly as possible to the corresponding locations.

1372 People have already signed-up for a meeting point. Help us spreading the word!

Please select a meeting point, where you will be on Saturday, 5th of March at 11:30am*:

Note: Please note that masks are mandatory! The wearing of a FFP2 mouth and nose protection is mandatory.