Many thanks to all participants and supporters to help to set a sign against the war and for a peaceful coexistence of all people.

The following is an overview of the media coverage of our joint effort:

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Join our human chain from the Ukrainian Consulate to the Russian Consulate in Munich (show route on Google Maps) as a sign against the war in Ukraine and for a peaceful coexistence of all people. The event is approved by the City of Munich.

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  • Location 1: 218 Persons
  • Location 2: 244 Persons
  • Location 3: 181 Persons
  • Location 4: 165 Persons
  • Location 7: 184 Persons
  • Location 5: 177 Persons
  • Location 6: 203 Persons

For organizational reasons, we ask you to indicate the place where you will appear on Saturday. To make our people chain successful, we ask you to distribute yourselves as evenly as possible to the corresponding locations.

People who already signed-up

Please select one location, where you will be on Saturday, 5th of March at 12am*:

Note: Please note that masks are mandatory! The wearing of a FFP2 mouth and nose protection is mandatory.