How artificial intelligence is changing the visual design world

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more present in the world of communication and design and a lot companies are integrating it into their daily work. We constantly hear about AI and in what direction it is changing the way we work and what impact it is having on the world of design. What we should focus on right now is understanding the potential of it’s capabilities and exploiting it to grow our business without changing underlying resources.

The most widely used and well-known artificial intelligence tool right now is ChatGPT, which has slowly laid the foundation to revolutionize the public perception of AI.

Looking at visual design, integrating AI into the daily workflow opens numerous possibilities to innovate and increase the efficiency around the creation of visuals and designs. Using artificial intelligence as part of the visual design process allows to optimize the entire workflow and automate certain steps very easily and quickly.

But how can AI really help the visual design workflow? These are some of the points on which AI can support our daily visual design tasks:

  • Ideation of visual design concepts that can support our brainstorming process
  • Generate content quickly to be integrated into a complex and structured design such as palettes, patterns or stock images for the product or brand to advertise
  • Creation of prototypes and mock-ups that can be easily tested by clients and users

An overview of design tools and services that use artificial intelligence to accelerate your daily work

Uizard – From Sketch to Framework

Starting from hand-made sketches, Uizard uses artificial intelligence to create frameworks that can easily and quickly be transformed into interactive, testable prototypes. You can easily create mobile interfaces, websites or user experiences.

Khroma -Branded palette generator

Khroma is a design tool that uses AI to create numerous colour palettes based on input and preferences we give the programme. Khroma will propose a number of different and new colour combinations that we could use for our brand or product.

Illustroke – text-to-image design tool for vector elements

Illustroke uses artificial intelligence to create illustrations and vector elements that we can work on. Just describe in a few words what we need and select the style we are interested in and the colour levels and Illustroke will give us three different options to choose from.

PatternedAI -Pattern generator text-to-image

PatternedAI turns our textual content into a pattern for your brand or product, which can also be downloaded in vector form.

DALL•E 2 – Image and art creation from description

Dall•E 2 is an artificial intelligence tool developed by OpenAI. It offers plenty of functionality for the creation of content and high-resolution images. Starting from a textual description, it can generate images in the style of your choice. But it is also possible to modify already existing images. Through a simple description Dall•E can edit, add or delete elements.

Lexica – Search and Create Images with AI

Lexica offers a wide range of high-resolution stock images and allows you to create images from a short description that you provide to the tool. It also allows you to save your favourite images and search for elements similar to the one you select.

Flair – Content generator for your brand image and identity

Flair is an essential tool for the development of visual content. It allows you to create high-quality branded content and mockups in minutes, and to choose from an extensive library of content and images to create customised moodboards. It offers various functions and options to aid the image creation process.

We look forward to learn about your visual design challenges and support you with the adaption of new technologies in the area of artificial intelligence.

Martina De Felice
Martina De Felice
Visual Design / UX

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