We are responsible to care about our supply chain.

The Supply Chain Law, which will come into force on 1 January 2023, obliges European companies to actively prevent production processes and working conditions in supply chains that violate human rights and to be able to track them down if necessary. Companies are therefore obliged to report and carry out due diligence in the event of suspected non-compliance with basic human rights standards, such as the prohibition of child or forced labour. The LKSG applies to all stages of the supply chain and underlines the due diligence obligations of European companies in a global context.

We fulfil our duty of care and ensure the implementation of the five core elements of the LKSG, for this:

  • 8awake is committed to raising awareness of the LKSG among business partners and customers and to providing education where necessary.
  • 8awake ensures sustainable consumption that complies with human rights by means of internal purchasing guidelines. Goods and/or services are only purchased from companies that comply with the standards of the LKSG.
  • 8awake requires international human rights standards at all times for all orders and/or cooperation with third parties.

Identify and minimise risks

As a potential risk, the violation of the role model function comes to the fore by not providing advice in the sense of the Supply Chain Act and the associated due diligence.

Another increased risk is to establish business relationships that do not share the same values and have not committed themselves to compliance with the SCL.

Take preventive measures

8awake is aware of its responsibility and therefore takes preventive measures to be able to exclude the named risks.

  • By signing our company guideline, all persons involved in the company officially commit to act in accordance with the Supply Chain Act and to report suspicious cases immediately.
  • With the official entry on the company website, 8awake GmbH also makes a clearly recognisable commitment to the applicable human rights conditions.
  • During the initial meeting with future business partners or other service providers, we explicitly point out our values and obligations.
  • A fixed component is the screening and disclosure of the supply and value chains of business partners.
  • Compliance with the DSGVO, the GDPR, the protection of the individual and his or her privacy, as well as industry-specific legal regulations such as the Therapeutic Products Advertising Act in the pharmaceutical industry are also considered fundamental standards and norm orientations for 8awake. 
  • 8awake GmbH only stores data for specific purposes.  
  • 8awake GmbH undertakes to inform itself sufficiently about industry-specific requirements based on the respective legal situation, procurement and delivery requirements and to continuously educate itself. 

Inform & report

  • Information regarding current and past projects as well as other company activities is transparently presented on the 8awake website. Nevertheless, this is only information that protects the privacy of the project clients.
  • We have a clear position on sustainability and question our impact on the environment and resources as part of our daily work. 
  • 8awake GmbH therefore draws on the strengths of digitalisation. Business trips are only arranged when there is an urgent need.
  • For the realisation of website projects, 8awake GmbH only recommends green and sustainable web hosting.

Enable complaints

8awake asks all employees to comply with this requirement. Suspected cases or other anomalies are subject to a general reporting obligation and must be reported immediately to the management.

This also applies to any case of discrimination, racism or waste of resources.