The all-round cloud platform - Amazon Web Services AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the cloud platform most frequently used by companies and has the most extensive global cloud infrastructure worldwide. The subsidiary of the mail order company Amazon offers a particularly diverse and broad range of services. From a total of over 200 services, companies of all sizes can individually select the services from AWS and put them together according to their wishes. Hybrid forms of use are also supported by AWS, making it possible to combine their own IT infrastructure with AWS Cloud Services.

In addition to hosting data, another goal of AWS is to permanently reduce their IT costs and optimise operational efficiency to the maximum. Amazon Web Services helps them to process, store and continuously analyse data while complying with all security standards. The management and developer tools of AWS also ensure a rapid implementation of their ideas and enable innovations.

We are happy to accompany them in the transformation process of their IT infrastructure and help them put together a service package tailored to their company. Within a very short time, we familiarise them with the full range of functions of the individual service offerings and thus accelerate the implementation of Amazon Web Services in their company as well.

Stephan Salat
Managing Director & Founder

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